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An all-day dining buffet restaurant decorated in the classic Moghal theme of the hotel overlooking the all grand staircase & water body adorned with fresh flowers.
The award winning Dynasty Chinese Restaurant offers a variety of authentic Szechuan dishes created by the talented chef
The best Japanese restaurant in the city serving fresh seafood and authentic Japanese dishes with a flair!

Restaurants & Dining

Each restaurant is unique, but all our restaurants, formal or casual, share a few common characteristics. With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, each one of the restaurants housed within Avari Lahore aims for a top-notch experience.

Exquisite taste and exceptional service, alongside the stunning views, set the backdrop to the entire experience. Our range of restaurants will tantalize your taste buds!


All-day dining, buffet, Restaurants & Dining decorated in the classic Moghal theme of the hotel. Overlooking the all-grand staircase & water body adorned with fresh flowers.

Kim’s offers an eclectic selection of Pakistani, Continental, and vegetarian dishes throughout the day. The restaurant opens every day for breakfast at 6:30 am serving Pakistani & Continental breakfast. Favorites followed by a medley of Pakistani & Continental dishes at lunch and dinner.

Kim’s a la carte menu concept is developed around the very best of whatever fresh foods are locally available. Offers fish, seafood, vegetarian, BBQ meats, pizzas, and popular international dishes from around the world.

Sunday Fiesta is served every Sunday from noon till 3.30 pm featuring the one-of-a-kind 3-in-1 offer where guests may dine in any or all three restaurants. Offer includes Dynasty, Kim’s & Cinnamon Café.

Dynasty Restaurants & Dining

The award-winning Dynasty Chinese Restaurant offers a variety of authentic Szechuan dishes created by a talented chef. From the delicate flavors of dim sum; spicy Szechuan sizzlers to classic Cantonese sweet & sour favorites; Dynasty caters to all palates.

The menu is exciting allowing diners to choose between innovative dishes to broaden their flavor palate or stick to their original favorites. To start your meal choose from a variety of flavorful soups such as the seaweed and prawn wonton soup or the zesty hot & sour soup, or nibble on delicate steamed or deep-fried dim sum in chicken or prawn or golden silk coated mayonnaise prawns.

Seafood aficionados can enjoy the inimitable selection of dishes from lobster or crab in garlic butter sauce to steamed red snapper with hot pickled chili sauce or roasted Peking duck served with pancakes & twice cooked beef in Szechuan sauce.

Desserts include our signature banana toffee creation, lychee with ice cream, or seasonal fruits; and enjoy a cup of jasmine tea, coffee, or our fresh juices.

The Lakhnavi Restaurant

Lakhnavi cuisine is rooted in ancient Mughal and Persian culinary traditions of the Avadh region. Refined to perfection in the 18th century by the renowned gourmet and aesthete Navaab Shuja-Ud-Daul`a. His daily repast was said to be prepared in six kitchens each supervised by a highly accomplished Master Chef employing the finest ingredients and imaginative culinary techniques.

In the Lakhnavi and Avadhi ambience haute cuisine was integral to practising the high culture of the era rooted in the arts and social graces. At the “Lakhnavi,” we meticulously researched our menu for a selection of dishes, aroma, taste and presentation, drawing directly from original recipes.

Only the choicest organic ingredients and embellishments from saffron to exotic herbs to pure silver foil are used for your journey. An era of unprecedented refinement and diversity of flavours made possible by reviving traditional skills of culinary preparation.

Fujiyama Restaurant

The best Japanese Restaurants & Dining in the city serve fresh seafood and authentic Japanese dishes with a flair! Keep a look out for skillful showmanship at the two Teppanyaki counters where our expert Chefs will delight you as they prepare your favorite dishes right in front of you.

With its bamboo & wood finishing, tasteful design, and most of all its excellent, traditional Japanese food the Fujiyama has reinvented Japanese cuisine in Lahore. The location is magnificent, large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a view of the midnight blue pool area. Illuminated every so subtly; leaving the diner with a feeling of deep well-being whilst providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Start with an assortment of incredibly fresh sashimi, and tiny appetizers to tease one’s palate. Followed by a series of elaborate and very delicately flavored hot and cold dishes served in beautiful pottery and lacquerware appropriate to the food and season.

The Tollington Restaurant

Enjoy an evening under the stars at our open-air BBQ restaurant offering local and traditional Pakistani specialties every evening. The restaurant focuses on the quality and flavor that defines Pakistani BBQ cuisine.

Enjoy the al fresco traditional Pakistani Buffet at Tollington set amidst our beautiful back lawn which is a fantastic place to dine in temperate months. Perfect for a casual dining experience where your food is cooked fresh and hot on the grill while you enjoy the beautiful weather typical of an open-air restaurant.

La Patisserie

The pastry shop offers a premium range of cakes, snacks, and pastries perfect for any occasion. From decadent chocolate éclairs, mini lemon tarts, and an assortment of pastries to bite-sized chicken patties.

From freshly baked quiche lorraine and croissant sandwiches to incredibly moist cakes . The pastry shop fulfills all your snack needs. For the busy worker, picnicker, or avid traveler we offer a lavish takeaway box to enjoy lunch on the go.

Choose from a selection of lunch boxes from low-calorie options including poached chicken breast, sautéed vegetables, fresh fruit & brown bread with a drink. To the superior lunch box offering BBQ wings, banana bread, sandwiches, pizza, and lots more.

Also try our filling continental lunch box, lip-smacking Pakistani or easy-on-the-pocket economy lunch boxes.

Table service and take away available at the Pastry shop.

Cinnamon Lounge

The Cinnamon Coffee Lounge is located in the lobby. With a simple, elegant design using furniture reminiscent of the hand carved. Moghul era the Cinnamon is the perfect place to rendezvous with friends, discuss business or simply enjoy a fresh, delightful cup of coffee. The menu at Cinnamon is both sweet and simple.

Using excellent, quality ingredients Cinnamon prepares some of the freshest and most delectable pastries, sandwiches, desserts, and bakery items. Choose our signature club sandwich with smoked meat, light Caesar salad, spicy chipotle burger, or roast beef sandwich. For those with a sweet tooth, Cinnamon offers its signature sweets featuring fudge brownies, fresh fruit tarts, Apple pie, and much more.