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Avari Boutique Restaurant

Our restaurants provide you with a taste of the good life, prepared with the passion for which we are famed. They also create an appealing atmosphere.

Avari Boutique Restaurant

 Dining and foods at Avari Boutique Restaurant Multan offer local and international cuisines ranging from hearty breakfast buffets to mouth-watering lunches and dinners. An all-day restaurant with a seating capacity of 44 people awaits our guests with meals serving the main course, desserts, salads, live BBQ, fresh seasonal juices, and other refreshments.

Inroom Dining

Avari Boutique Restaurant Multan Personalized Room Service is an amazingly luxurious alternative to dining in our restaurant. The menu has been newly crafted specially to satisfy the very popular demand that there be more variety available to our in-house Guests who’d like to enjoy a meal or a snack in their rooms. We listened to our Guests and created an extensive list of delicious foods and drinks aimed to pamper and delight your wants and needs within the comfort of your rooms.

At Avari hotels, we prioritize a nutritious diet and provide meals made with responsibly sourced ingredients at every meal. It is nutrient-dense food at its finest, made from seasonal and fresh ingredients and bursting with a unique flavor. These wholesome recipes will liven up your home cooking and are rich with goodness without losing flavor and aroma. The dining in Avari Boutique Restaurant is an opportunity for friends and families to spends quality time together 

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